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“Thank You Mayor Menino” signs will be available Monday morning at 10:30AM at the following locations:

  • 1 City Hall Plaza (First Floor Horseshoe)
  • Suffolk University (73 Tremont Street)
  • Cornwall’s (654 Beacon Street)
  • Fenway Park (Gate D on Yawkey Way)
  • Dudley Square Branch Library (65 Warren Street)
  • Grove Hall Branch Library (41 Geneva Avenue)
  • Four Corners Main Streets (157 Washington Street)
  • Holland Community Center (85 Olney Street)
  • Bowdoin Health Center (230 Bowdoin Street)
  • St. Peter’s Center (278 Bowdoin Street)
  • Mattapan Branch Library (1350 Blue Hill Avenue)
  • Roslindale Square (4246 Washington Street)
  • Menino Arts Center (26 Central Avenue)

Faneuil Hall

  • Mayor Menino delivered his inaugural address here in 1994 and several subsequent State of the City addresses. On March 28, 2013, Mayor Menino announced at Faneuil Hall that he would not seek re-election.
  • Each spring, Mayor Menino held school awards at Faneuil Hall for outstanding students from every Boston Public School in the city. The awards took place over several nights.

Boston City Hall

  • Mayor Menino’s second home; the building where he worked for more than 30 years.

Parkman House

  • Official Mayoral residence, used by Mayor Menino to host dignitaries, luncheons, and other special events. Mayor Menino also resided for brief periods of time at the Parkman House, as he recovered from hospital stays.

Boston University/Kenmore Square

  • Following his final term, which drew to a close in January of 2014, Mayor Menino joined Boston University where he served as co-director for the newly founded Initiative on Cities. At the IoC, Mayor Menino led an effort to investigate the dynamic nature of our world’s cities and bridge the gap between academic research on urban affairs and practical implementation. Mayor Menino’s office is located on Bay State Road.

Fenway Park

  • Mayor Menino was a lifelong baseball fan and 30+ year season ticket holder for the Boston Red Sox.
  • During Mayor Menino’s 20 year tenure, all four of Boston’s major professional sports teams won titles, totaling eight championships.
  • The 2013 World Champion Boston Red Sox unified the city following the Boston Marathon attacks. Mayor Menino’s final rolling rally took place on November 2, 2013.
  • Mayor Menino’s beloved Louisville Slugger baseball bat cane was a gift from longtime friends and devoted Red Sox fans Gary and Lynne Smith.

Dudley Square

  • In a few weeks, the former Ferdinand Building in Dudley Square will open as a multiservice center—a testament to Mayor Menino’s tenacity and his staunch commitment to enhance all Boston neighborhoods.

Grove Hall 

  • In 2001, Mayor Menino delivered on his promise of bringing a supermarket to Grove Hall. The Grove Hall Mecca, a $13 million shopping complex revitalized Blue Hill Avenue, the main artery of the neighborhood. The project was financed with $1.2 million in city funds, $6.8 million in federal empowerment zone dollars from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and $5 million from Fleet Bank.

Franklin Park

  • Mayor Menino was proud of the City’s public golf courses. He maintained a special interest in improving this jewel of the Emerald Necklace throughout his mayoralty.

Bowdoin Geneva

  • Each Christmas Eve, Mayor Menino walked the streets of Bowdoin Geneva and passed out toys to children at St. Peter’s Teen Center. It was one of his most cherished traditions.

Mattapan Library

  • During Mayor Menino’s tenure, award-winning library branches were opened in the neighborhoods of Allston, Mattapan, Grove Hall, and East Boston; and countless improvements were made to other libraries in the 24-branch system. The Boston Public Library also became a leader in digitization, e-book lending, and community engagement, all while maintaining the second-largest collections in the nation, second only to the Library of Congress.
  • On February 28, 2009, the Mattapan community celebrated the opening of this architecturally-stunning, technologically enhanced, and service-rich new Mattapan Branch library at 1350 Blue Hill Avenue

Roslindale Square

  • In 1985, then District 5 City Councilor Menino helped form Roslindale Village Main Street (RVMS) as one of the first urban Main Street Programs in the nation.
  • Under Mayor Menino’s tenure, 18 Main Streets Districts have flourished across the city.

Most Precious Blood

  • Mayor Menino was baptized at Most Precious Blood and also served at this church as an altar boy. It was his family’s parish; they lived around the corner on Hyde Park Avenue.

The complete formal program will be made available prior to the ceremony. 

  • Mayor Menino’s six grandchildren will participate in the ceremony, in the reading of the General Intercessions (Giulia Fenton, Will Fenton, Taylor Menino, Thomas Menino III), offering of words of remembrance (Olivia Fenton, Samantha Menino), and serving as pallbearers (Will Fenton and Thomas Menino III).
  • Also serving as pallbearers will be longtime friend Frankie Bisceglia, cousin Joey Coppola, longtime friend Robert Donahue, son-in-law William Fenton, longtime friend Michael Galvin, longtime friend Michael Kineavy, and brother David Menino.
  • Musical selections will be performed by members of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus; Susan Consoli, soprano; Renese King, vocalist; Julianne Lee, violin; John Stevens, vocalist; John Finney, organ and piano; and John Stevens, keyboard. Renese King, who moved Mayor Menino to tears at a Martin Luther King Jr. prayer breakfast, will perform “In My Dreams.”
  • The Homily will be delivered by Rev. John J. Connolly, Jr. Reverend Connolly is the Administrator of St. John Chrysostom Parish in West Roxbury, Mayor Menino’s parish.


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As he lies in state on Sunday, Mayor Menino will be accompanied by an honor guard of former staff members. Shifts have been grouped thematically and include those representing causes of particular importance to Mayor Menino, community leaders, and others who worked tirelessly for him behind the scenes.

Symbolically, the overnight shift will be comprised of members of Mayor Menino’s Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS). While others were finished working for the day, Mayor Menino’s ONS staff responded to fires in the middle of the night, delivered toys to children through the holiday season, and attended to the nitty gritty of neighborhood life that was so important to the Mayor.

The honor guard will be with Mayor Menino until he departs Faneuil Hall on Monday morning. A full schedule is below.

9AM-10AM: Longest serving staffers
Martha Pierce, Annette Gales, Margaret Gannon, Evelyn Riesenberg

10AM-11AM: Former Chiefs of Staff
Alyce Lee, Jim Rooney, Merita Hopkins, Judith Kurland, David Passafaro

11AM-12PM: Police Commissioners
Paul Evans, Edward Davis, Al Gosselin, William Evans

12PM-1PM: Former staff elected to the City Council
Sal LaMattina, Michael Ross, Bill Linehan, Timothy McCarthy, Michelle Wu

1PM-2PM: Former Mayor’s Office and Neighborhood Services staff
Julie Burns, Thomas Tinlin, Bill Meehan, Jay Walsh, Kevin Chapman

2PM-2:30PM: Former staff elected to the State Legislature
Jeffrey Sanchez, Anthony Petruccelli, Aaron Michlewitz, Linda Dorcena Forry

2:30PM-3PM: Former Public Health & Human Services officials
John Auerbach, Larry Mayes, Gary Sandison, Juanita Wade

3PM-3:30PM: First-term Cabinet chiefs
Ann McGuire, Peter Welsh, Michael Galvin, Robert Donahue, Cathy Douglas Stone

3:30PM-4PM: Former Press Secretaries
Carole Brennan, Seth Gitell, Jacque Goddard, Howard Leibowitz

4PM-4:30PM: Former Housing officials and advisers
Sheila Dillon, Patricia Canavan, Sandra Henriquez, Patrick Harrington, Barbara Berke

4:30PM-5PM: Former speech writers
Drew O’Brien, Reed Passafaro, Carter Wilkie, Chris Horan

5PM-5:30PM: Mayor’s Office staff
Jean McLaughlin, Valerie Bassett, Dan Greene, Tom McDonough

5:30PM-6PM: Former Cabinet Chiefs/Department Heads
Meredith Weenick, Karen Connor, John Dunlap, Joe Rull, Liz Dello Russo

6PM-6:30PM: Former Department Heads
Toni Pollak, Marie St. Fleur, Brooke Woodson, Jim Hunt, Marie Turley

6:30PM-7PM: Former Boston Redevelopment Authority and Department of Neighborhood Development officials
Harry Collings, Peter Meade, Joanne Massaro, Charlotte Golar Richie

7PM-7:30PM: New Urban Mechanics and Initiative on Cities staff
Chris Osgood, Conor LeBlanc, Katharine Lusk, Shari Davis

7:30PM-8PM: Former Department Heads
Patricia Malone, Nancy Lo, Patty McMahon, Daphne Griffin

8PM-8:30PM: Former School Superintendents
Michael Contompasis, Carol Johnson, John McDonough

8:30PM-9PM: Department Heads and staff
Jay Donovan, Henry Vitale, Frank Chin, Matt Sullivan, Larry Sullivan

9PM-9:30PM: Former Cabinet Chiefs
Bill Oates, Bill Sinnott, Roderick Fraser, Paul Christian, Amy Ryan

9:30PM-10PM: Former Cabinet Chiefs
Bob Ciolek, Andrea D’Amato, Brian Swett, Dennis DiMarzio, Bill McGonagle

Overnight: Mayor Menino’s Office of Neighborhood Services


Parking information for Monday’s private service in Hyde Park

These lots will be reserved for invited guests only. Guests are highly encouraged to carpool, as parking is limited.

George Wright Golf Course
420 West Street, Hyde Park
Approximately 200 spaces
Shuttle service will bring you to the BCYF Community Center

DCR Bajko Skating Rink
75 Turtle Pond Parkway, Hyde Park
Approximately 200 spaces
Shuttle service will bring you to the BCYF Community Center

Blue Hills Bank
1196 River Street, Hyde Park
Approximately 40 spaces
Walking distance to the BCYF Community Center

Commonwealth Cooperative Bank
1172 River Street
Hyde Park, MA

Lot reserved for family members only:
Hyde Park Municipal Lot
Entrance is across from the Hyde Park Library, which is located at 35 Harvard Ave., Hyde Park
Approximately 135 spaces

The following parking restrictions will be in place in the Hyde Park neighborhood surrounding the church. Parking restriction signs will be posted in affected areas.

Tow Zone No Stopping, Monday 12:01 am to 3:00 pm

*   Maple Street, both sides, from River Street to Oak Street (near Walnut Street)
*   Oak Street, both sides, from Hyde Park Avenue to Oak Street
*   Pine Street, both sides, from Hyde Park Avenue to Maple Street
*   Hyde Park Avenue, both sides, from River Street to Factory Street

Tow Zone No Stopping, Media Only, Monday 12:01 am to 3:00 pm

*   River Street, both sides, from Hyde Park Avenue to Central Avenue

November 2 – 3

To accommodate services for former Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino taking place on Sunday, November 2, and Monday, November 3, the following temporary parking restrictions will be implemented in the City of Boston.

Tow Zone: No Stopping Sunday 12:01AM to Monday 12 Noon

• Blackstone Street, both sides, from Hanover Street to North Street
• North Street, both sides, from Congress Street to Clinton Street.
• Union Street, both sides, from North Street to Hanover Street, excluding any HP spaces.
• Congress Street, Faneuil Hall side, from State Street to New Sudbury Street.
• Hanover Street, both sides, from Surface Road to Congress Street.
• Chatham Street, south side, from Merchants Row to Commercial Street.
• Merchants Row, both sides, from State Street to Chatham Row.
• State Street, north side, from Chatham Street to Congress Street.
• Clinton Street, both sides, from Surface Road to North Street.
• Chatham Row, both sides, from Chatham Street to State Street.

Tow Zone: No Stopping Monday 12:01AM to 3PM
Streets adjacent to the church will be closed, as well as Central Ave. which is adjacent to the Hyde Park Community Center. Other temporary closures of minor streets may be made to support the activities related to the funeral.

• Maple Street, both sides, from River Street to Oak Street (near Walnut Street).
• Oak Street, both sides, from Hyde Park Avenue to Oak Street.
• Pine Street, both sides, from Hyde Park Avenue to Maple Street.
• Hyde Park Avenue, both sides, from River Street to Factory Street.

Tow Zone: No Stopping Monday 12:01AM to 3PM Media Only

• River Street, both sides, from Hyde Park Avenue to Central Avenue.

Additional updates and alerts from the City may be posted at