As he lies in state on Sunday, Mayor Menino will be accompanied by an honor guard of former staff members. Shifts have been grouped thematically and include those representing causes of particular importance to Mayor Menino, community leaders, and others who worked tirelessly for him behind the scenes.

Symbolically, the overnight shift will be comprised of members of Mayor Menino’s Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS). While others were finished working for the day, Mayor Menino’s ONS staff responded to fires in the middle of the night, delivered toys to children through the holiday season, and attended to the nitty gritty of neighborhood life that was so important to the Mayor.

The honor guard will be with Mayor Menino until he departs Faneuil Hall on Monday morning. A full schedule is below.

9AM-10AM: Longest serving staffers
Martha Pierce, Annette Gales, Margaret Gannon, Evelyn Riesenberg

10AM-11AM: Former Chiefs of Staff
Alyce Lee, Jim Rooney, Merita Hopkins, Judith Kurland, David Passafaro

11AM-12PM: Police Commissioners
Paul Evans, Edward Davis, Al Gosselin, William Evans

12PM-1PM: Former staff elected to the City Council
Sal LaMattina, Michael Ross, Bill Linehan, Timothy McCarthy, Michelle Wu

1PM-2PM: Former Mayor’s Office and Neighborhood Services staff
Julie Burns, Thomas Tinlin, Bill Meehan, Jay Walsh, Kevin Chapman

2PM-2:30PM: Former staff elected to the State Legislature
Jeffrey Sanchez, Anthony Petruccelli, Aaron Michlewitz, Linda Dorcena Forry

2:30PM-3PM: Former Public Health & Human Services officials
John Auerbach, Larry Mayes, Gary Sandison, Juanita Wade

3PM-3:30PM: First-term Cabinet chiefs
Ann McGuire, Peter Welsh, Michael Galvin, Robert Donahue, Cathy Douglas Stone

3:30PM-4PM: Former Press Secretaries
Carole Brennan, Seth Gitell, Jacque Goddard, Howard Leibowitz

4PM-4:30PM: Former Housing officials and advisers
Sheila Dillon, Patricia Canavan, Sandra Henriquez, Patrick Harrington, Barbara Berke

4:30PM-5PM: Former speech writers
Drew O’Brien, Reed Passafaro, Carter Wilkie, Chris Horan

5PM-5:30PM: Mayor’s Office staff
Jean McLaughlin, Valerie Bassett, Dan Greene, Tom McDonough

5:30PM-6PM: Former Cabinet Chiefs/Department Heads
Meredith Weenick, Karen Connor, John Dunlap, Joe Rull, Liz Dello Russo

6PM-6:30PM: Former Department Heads
Toni Pollak, Marie St. Fleur, Brooke Woodson, Jim Hunt, Marie Turley

6:30PM-7PM: Former Boston Redevelopment Authority and Department of Neighborhood Development officials
Harry Collings, Peter Meade, Joanne Massaro, Charlotte Golar Richie

7PM-7:30PM: New Urban Mechanics and Initiative on Cities staff
Chris Osgood, Conor LeBlanc, Katharine Lusk, Shari Davis

7:30PM-8PM: Former Department Heads
Patricia Malone, Nancy Lo, Patty McMahon, Daphne Griffin

8PM-8:30PM: Former School Superintendents
Michael Contompasis, Carol Johnson, John McDonough

8:30PM-9PM: Department Heads and staff
Jay Donovan, Henry Vitale, Frank Chin, Matt Sullivan, Larry Sullivan

9PM-9:30PM: Former Cabinet Chiefs
Bill Oates, Bill Sinnott, Roderick Fraser, Paul Christian, Amy Ryan

9:30PM-10PM: Former Cabinet Chiefs
Bob Ciolek, Andrea D’Amato, Brian Swett, Dennis DiMarzio, Bill McGonagle

Overnight: Mayor Menino’s Office of Neighborhood Services

12 Responses to “Honor Guard Details”

  1. Susan Oxner

    Rest in peace Mr. Mayor Thomas Menino.
    You are a great man and your spirit will live on in the city you loved and respected. No one will ever fill your shoes, but you certainly led by example so if anyone, and Mayor Marty Walsh, in particular was paying attention, he and many others will follow your magnificent lead. For your family I offer my sincerest condolences and prayers. They have so much to be proud of.
    Our city is sad. We shall miss you but we will always remember you, never forget you.
    You are an amazing man…. A legacy. God bless and God speed …. Xxoo


  2. Cynthia Smellie

    Boston and Massachusetts were truly blessed to have such a strong presence as a leader, family man and friend to so many. May he rest in peace with a job well done.


  3. Fabianne

    Originally I’m from California and did not get an opportunity to meet you , the people in my life have always said great things about you, when I finally got the chance to move to the city in 2010 I moved to an area where you’re presence was felt. I like to thank you posthumously, Thank you Tom Menino for all your hard work, Boston is a better place because of you .

    God Bless you on your journey


  4. Ms Ita Principe

    It is with great sadness that I write these few words, and at the same time with great pride to have met such an HONORABLE man. I had the opportunity to meet you for the first time through my daughter Daphne Griffin during the inauguration of the renovated
    Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club. I was so touched by your caring spirit and the genuine love you demonstrated to every child at
    this event, taking time to embrace them with such sincerity, including my grandkids Gabby and Bryce. We will miss you. Our
    love and prayers for your wife Angela and family. Heaven needed another -Angel- and he called YOU home. Rest in peace.


  5. Sarah Zapata

    Thanks to mayor Menino for the work we did together for the city of Boston. Particualry for the school department, and all neighborhoods iin the city. Boston will never forgot you me neither.


  6. Kim Munroe

    I was honored to have be able to say. ..YES I HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF WORKING FOR THE CITY OF BOSTON WHEN MAYOR MENINO WAS MAKING A DIFFERENCE. ..I am sad that he is gone and unfortunately did not get to spend and enjoy time with his beautiful wife Angela and his children Tom and Susan and their wonderful families. RIP MAYOR THOMAS M. MENINO. May God hold you in the palm of his hands. GOD BLESS


  7. Maureen

    RIP Tom Menino I feel like I know you. Rest well and you deserve all the knowledge that they give you. You will be missed.


  8. JoAnne LeeNieves

    Rest in peace Mayor Menino the City of Boston will miss you thank you for all your hard working in making the JE Burke’s Gym and the Grove hall Library become a reality. You will always be remembered as the best mayor the City had.
    God Bless Angela and the whole Menino Family
    Rest in peace, The Nieves Family


  9. Marie Duggan

    Marie Bernazzani-Duggan November 2, 2014

    One thing I am usually not at a loss for is words but over the last few days I have found myself struggling with the right one/s to properly represent the impact you have had on not only my son Michael with severe autism but myself and my family. You validated the need for an appropriate HS for autistic youth, you restored my faith in humanity and you changed the landscape for children with autism moving into the City of Boston in addition to Boston Public Schools. The autism community has lost an amazing ally. The city mourns the most outstanding Mayor in the history of the COB. Yet, at the same time it’s our job as citizens of the COB to continue where you left off and make you proud of all of us. We all have something to offer and contribute in some way to continue on the path you set forth for us by your example.

    When your son Tommy told me that “his mother” your beloved Angela wanted to see me and speak with me I was so honored, as he unhooked the velvet rope and I walked towards Angela crying into her outstretched arms. I was amazed at her strength and the way she comforted me…ironic, it’s supposed to be the other way around, true Menino fashion. An amazing man, husband, father & friend and Angela, a strong amazing woman, wife, mother and friend.

    Angela, you told me he cared deeply for this cause and that he was tired and it was time for him to be at peace and that he wanted me to continue to push for the services these children need and lack and don’t ever stop. When I told you I promised I would never stop you told me to look at him and tell him that. I did, with tears streaming down my face, the man that changed my life and this city and then I made that same promise to you. I will never stop.

    I will admit I feel helpless at times and don’t know where or who to turn to anymore as he was always there but tonight you renewed my hope that it’s my job to pick up where he left off and continue to address the issues that face our children with autism and make him proud we came a long way but there is so much more to be done. He set the foundation and now it’s up to us to build on that. I can only pray that the new administration embraces autism as just one of the many issues that need to be continued to be dealt with.

    Mayor Menino, I am forever grateful to you for your unwavering support. Angela, I only hope I can become half the woman you are today. Your wisdom, strength, and character are an inspiration to all. Continued thoughts and prayers for your daughter Susan and her family and Tommy and his family as you get through tomorrow and the days to follow. I can’t help but think just how proud you must be of your husband/dad/grandfather. What a legacy, what a legend, what a man! RIP my friend and may God continue to keep you in the palm of his hands. You will be missed but you will never be forgotten.

    With much love and gratitude. – Marie, Joe, Joey, Connor, Michael, Katie, Jack and Kiera xo


  10. Ada Sepulveda

    Mayor Menino, we would have loved to see that during your retirement you got to fully enjoy your family, your many friends and the city that you worked so hard to revitalize. It is because of your tireless efforts that Boston is the interracial, inclusive and wonderful place to live it is today. But be certain that we, the citizens of this great city, will continue to cultivate the seeds of love and acceptance that you planted during your 20 years of service. Rest in peace.



    A man of the people! You touched so many with your compassion and kindness. A gentle gentleman. Rest in peace, Mr. Mayor.



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