The complete formal program will be made available prior to the ceremony. 

  • Mayor Menino’s six grandchildren will participate in the ceremony, in the reading of the General Intercessions (Giulia Fenton, Will Fenton, Taylor Menino, Thomas Menino III), offering of words of remembrance (Olivia Fenton, Samantha Menino), and serving as pallbearers (Will Fenton and Thomas Menino III).
  • Also serving as pallbearers will be longtime friend Frankie Bisceglia, cousin Joey Coppola, longtime friend Robert Donahue, son-in-law William Fenton, longtime friend Michael Galvin, longtime friend Michael Kineavy, and brother David Menino.
  • Musical selections will be performed by members of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus; Susan Consoli, soprano; Renese King, vocalist; Julianne Lee, violin; John Stevens, vocalist; John Finney, organ and piano; and John Stevens, keyboard. Renese King, who moved Mayor Menino to tears at a Martin Luther King Jr. prayer breakfast, will perform “In My Dreams.”
  • The Homily will be delivered by Rev. John J. Connolly, Jr. Reverend Connolly is the Administrator of St. John Chrysostom Parish in West Roxbury, Mayor Menino’s parish.


One Response to “Program Highlights”

  1. Mai Chang

    Mayor Menino,you were the best mayor,- for all the Christmas parties,you enjoyed at the UPNA. And how you loved eating the cheesecakes and other deserts.And also visiting the many outdoors craft fairs.



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